From a trendsetter to a global standard.

Thirty years ago, we came up with the idea of applying TiAlN (titanium aluminium nitride) coatings to tools. In order to implement this, we founded CemeCon. Today, over 75% of all high-quality PVD tool coatings applied worldwide are titanium aluminium nitride-based. CemeCon was granted the corresponding patent and became a trendsetter. Competitors didn't show up until 10 years later.


The next innovation came just three years after the company was founded: diamond coatings! As is often the case when innovations are concerned, areas of application and markets take time to appear. Who in the 80s would have foreseen the importance of using fibre materials in the aircraft and automotive industry? Today, diamond-coated tools for machining fibre-reinforced materials are the fastest-growing market segment.

Simply better

CemeCon can't predict the future, but has always proven to have a good intuition for future demands. And when CemeCon decided to apply the desired coatings using sputter technology, it became apparent that innovations often require more complex technologies. A technology where the underlying idea was taken from electronics and glass coating. Using this technology allows almost all solid materials to be evaporated without evaporating any molten mass. Sounds like science fiction? It's not. It's CemeCon technology! Other technologies could have been simpler. But not better! High-end coatings such as TIB2 and TISIN are exclusively achieved using sputter technology, for example.

Beyond Premium

To celebrate its 30th anniversary, CemeCon is presenting a new HiPIMS coating system with a new generation of pure HiPIMS coatings.
This generation of coatings is characterised by smoothness, hardness, toughness and controlled internal stress. High-power impulse magnetron sputtering technology, HiPIMS for short, opens up countless possibilities with materials and layer constructions. A new chapter in the future of coatings on precision tools? Certainly. Even today, the innovation leader, CemeCon, is seeing this confirmed by the professional world.

CemeCon HiPIMS Anlage
CemeCon HiPIMS
CemeCon HiPIMS
CemeCon TiAlN

Future made by CemeCon

What do 30 years of innovation mean? For us at CemeCon, this means confirmation of what we do, and it means the future. Our own future. A future that we can shape using our ideas and visions.
For our customers, it means security. It means being sure that we have the answers to the demands of current and future markets. And it also means the safety of having a partner on call who can provide enough unique features, thereby guaranteeing exceptional competitive advantages.

A kind thank you to all those who have believed in us thus far, and a warm welcome to those who wish to continue with us into the future on this path to success.